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Since the recent attacks on Gaza, and now the UN statehood vote, some folks have been asking me for resources about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yay! Educating ourselves is the first step to taking responsible positions, and THAT will make it harder for the powers-that-be to do damage in our names.

Here’s a start of a list of resources that I think are good. Nothing’s perfect, of course, but I think these are worth your time. PLEASE add to the list by leaving a comment (teal button on the left). Include a link AND a sentence or two describing the resource. If you think I should add a “resources for further learning” tab to my website, let me know and I’ll put it on my list of things to do.



This article talks about how Israel’s negotiation of a ceasefire in Gaza is essentially admission of the occupation that they have long denied.



This article by the late, brilliant Edward Said back in 1988 argued against the declaration of a Palestinian state. Much of his solid, critical argument has validity even today.



Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Primer by Phyllis Bennis is a book that I haven’t read, but given the author’s record, it is probably excellent. Even better, the entire book is available on line!



The Jewish Voice for Peace made a 6-minute video explaining the basics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They also have information under the tab Israel/Palestine 101.



If you’re willing to read a book, anything by Jonathan Cook is excellent (and he has a great blog).



Believe it or not, the view from Ramallah





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    Thanks Nora!

    I would like to add an interesting documentary about Norman Finkelstein, an American academic who has paid greatly for his support for the Palestinian cause.

    Not sure how long the link will be up:

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