Video: Community investment in Palestine

I recorded this short video with Saeeda Mousa, Executive Director of Dalia Association. In it, she talks about the amazing potential return on investment in the Palestinian community, but it’s not the type of investment that you might be thinking of!


2 thoughts on “Video: Community investment in Palestine

  1. Rita Thapa says:

    Saeeda’s conviction of community philanthropy comes from her innate good sense – salute that. but having the courage to walk that journey is not easy and few can take that plunge! salute!

    • admin says:

      There are many disappointments along the way, that’s true, and some of them even feel like betrayal. But there are also new allies and surprising successes. It does take endurance. But then no one would know better than you, Rita. You’re a veteran and a role model to us all. It’s an honor having you comment on my blog!

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