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Click on the image to watch the February 16, 2013 edition of Aljazeera’s “Counting the Cost.” The show is 25 minutes and focuses on aid to Palestine and Kenya. Let me know what you think!


  1. Irving Larios/ Nicaragua says

    Excelente Nora, estoy seguro que con iniciativas como las tuyas y juntandolos a lo largo del quehacer en todo el mundo y particularmente de los países que recibimos ” cooperación”, vamos a ir dignificando, eso que se llama cooperación internacional, que para lo que sigue sirviendo es como paliativo ante el saqueo de nuestros pueblos y no en función de sus necesidades y desarrollos.

    • Nora Lester Murad says

      Google translate says: “Excellent Nora, I’m sure that with initiatives like yours and joining them along the task worldwide and particularly in the countries that receive “cooperation”, we go dignifying, what is called international cooperation, for the following is serving as a palliative to the looting of our people and not according to their needs and development”

      And my response? “dignificando es la objetivo!”

    • Nora Lester Murad says

      I appreciate all your support and look forward to working with you to get this message out. While internationals are important, the main audience should be Palestinians. Palestinians need to be empowered to reject aid they deem harmful. That doesn’t mean rejecting all assistance, it means taking control over decisions about how development resources are used in Palestine.

  2. Vicki Tamoush says

    Nora, you were incredible! You explained the problem succinctly and when the British guest disagreed with your analysis, you clarified your view perfectly. I am so very, very impressed. You didn’t look or act nervous, by the way, and I would have guessed you’d done this many times. So proud to know you, dear Nora!

    • Nora Lester Murad says

      Thank you, Vicki! I was very nervous, but I’m glad it didn’t show. Also, my sound didn’t work for the first half of the show, but they edited it together so it worked out okay.

    • Nora Lester Murad says

      It was quite a strange experience — sitting alone in the dark in a small room talking to a camera lens. I’m glad it worked. We should be more proactive, though, about getting these messages out. Hum…you’re giving me some ideas…

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