Every Friday in Jerusalem

This poem was published on PeaceXPeace. I would love your comments.


On Fridays,

I feel rested
you feel anxious

I make pancakes
you cut onions

I fold laundry
You tie kafiyehs

I read email
You read danger

I buy fish
You buy time

I contemplate you
you contemplate them


tear gas stings
shots ring

I cringe
you bleed

I write


4 thoughts on “Every Friday in Jerusalem

  1. Steve Forbes says:

    It has been awhile between posts. I am tentatively planning on visiting Israel and Palestine in the fall and next year (if Fulbright application approved). Your insights help.


    • Nora Lester Murad says:

      You are right, I have not been posting. But now that I know that someone “out there” cares, I promise to get back to a regular routine. Thanks so much for writing, Steve, and please be in touch when you get to Palestine so that we can meet.

  2. Vicki Tamoush says:

    Oh Nora, I love this! It goes straight to the heart.

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